Beatik aims to transform the way professionals and the general public approach classical music, facilitating their practice as well as enriching their understanding and enjoyment.


Beatik provides, through the development of new technologies, the tools which improve music education, bringing didactic and simple classical music to amateurs and those who have not enjoyed yet one of the fundamental cultural pillars of our society .



The transmission of knowledge, starting from the origin of the company (spin-off UJA)


‘Democratize’ the interpretation and enjoyment of classical music, breaking existing barriers.


Designing accesible products to the vast majority of the public.


Facilitating the study and interpretation of classical music, enriching the experience of listening to it in addition to the creation of new audiences


Reducing consumption of paper scores

Miguel Ángel Pérez Lloría

Chief Executive Officer

MBA, Telecommunication Engineer

Julio José Carabias Orti

Chief Information Officer

PhD Computer Science

Pedro Vera Candeas

Chief Technology Officer

PhD Telecommunication Engineer

Francisco J. Rodríguez Serrano

Business Development Manager

PhD Telecommunication Engineer


Beatik emerges from the entrepreneurial initiative of several research partners of the University of Jaén and a partner with creative professional development in the world of classical music. Beatik is a spin-off from the University of Jaén, which holds a stake in the company.

It was founded in 2015 after the development of an important line of research in the digital treatment of musical signals. This line was developed and has continuity in the Department of Engineering of Telecommunication of the Superior Polytechnic School of Linares.