Beatik Lite

Beatik Lite includes the basic functionality of Beatik. It allows you to manage all your digital scores (xml, mxl and pdf) and always take them with you to view them at any time and anywhere. You can also make annotations over the .xml and .mxl scores, remaining stored for your next performance. During your performances you will not have to turn the page, Beatik listens to you and does it for you.


Automatic score following

Beatik has the ability to listen to your interpretation and adapt the visualization of the sheet, so you do not have to turn the pages or advance the score. You can perform your music at the tempo you want, Beatik adapts to all your changes of rhythm.

Beatik Cloud

Beatik Cloud will allow you to have exclusive access to the most interpreted scores in the history of classical music. You can have the right score to play a symphony with your instrument, even adapt it to your way of interpretation with Beatik notes.

Dropbox / Google Drive

You can bring Beatik your scores through Dropbox and Google Drive. You can even manage your cloud space through Beatik and move scores between them.

Beatik notes

Beatik provides you a wide palette of annotations to be included in your sheets. You can take notes of your teacher, director or even your own ones. Your notes will be stored in Beatik for your next performance.