Around the music score following core, the digital tablet application is designed to be an integral solution for the musicians of a professional orchestra, a conservatory or individual musicians.

It allows the distribution of documents among all the members of a group (orchestras or group of students), and creates annotations on the documents and share these annotations between certain members and the fast navigation from one part to another of the work with a single decision of the director.

In addition, during the interpretation of the work will track the music in real time. In this way, the score moves on while it does not need the musician to take any action on it to turn the page or advance in the timeline. Each musician will have the appropriate measures at each momento in sight, while the application adapts to the changes of rhythm that the director causes in the interpretation of the musicians.

When working in single mode you can open any score that is stored in each user’s Beatik Cloud or Dropbox. You can access not only your personal scores, but also your conservatory classes or those of your orchestra.

If you choose to play in collective mode, the application is synchronized within the device structure. All the devices are coordinated for the visualization of the score according to the joint interpretation of the orchestra.


Wi.beatik is the virtual community in which users can comment, for each measure, any musical work, according to a pre-stablished format and synchronized with the scores and with a player embedded in some interpretation of the work. These comments will be available to be used from this website or from the Beatik Listener App.



It is an application designed to make a link between the orchestra that is performing a work and the audience. It will allow spectators to view comments and graphics in real time and synchronized with the performance of this work, so as to enrich the experience of listening to classical music.

The user, with his Smartphone and the application Beatik Listener will receive at the right time, thanks to the followings of scores, multimedia information that will increase the enjoyment and the understanding of the work that is being listened. You can view the information prepared by a professional music commentator for that work, or other comments made by a member of the Wi.beatik community.